About Us

Oi git! Do you like war games? So do we! Gitz Bitz is home to a wide selection of Warhammer

Fantasy and 40k miniature bits. Stick around and browse our shop and if you can’t find what

you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll see if we can get it in. Oh and say hello to us on Twitter,

or if you think your miniature is awesome enough, email us a pic and we’ll feature it on our blog!


The Gitz Bitz team:



When she’s not painting her High Elves or kicking Liam’s ass at 40k Relic (Liam: “The dice

actually hates me!”), Laura loves to bake and is obsessed with Star Wars, sometimes she even

combines these two things!



Niall is Chaos made manifest. Between painting, converting and dominating the battlefield with

his Chaos Space Marines, Skaven and Vampire Counts, Niall is a keen video gamer and is a

(Chaos) god on the MMO battlefields!



Liam has been collecting Warhammer since he was a small child, although he still paints the same

as his 8 year old self, he is still extremely passionate about the hobby! When he’s not painting

his Black Templars, he can probably be found desperately trying to find time to paint his Black



Check out some of the sterling things people have to say about Gitz Bitz:


Who the hell are Gitz Bitz and why are you asking me?” – Agnes, Florida

They have served me very well and will continue to do so.” – Slannesh, The Realm of Chaos

They’re alright.” – Steve, London