How to Magnetise a Dwarf Gyrocopter/Bomber

Magnestised Gyropcopter Brimstone Gun

If you’re like me and you’re a cheap ass bastard and you like Dwarfs, you’ll probably be wanting to get everything you can out of the new Gyrocopter/Bomber model from Games Workshop. After a lazy Sunday morning I decided to pick one of them up and see if I could magnestise the set so I could not only swap between weapons, but also from copter to bomber. Luckily it’s fairly straight forward if you can deal with sacrificing a few parts that are shared between the sets.

Anyways here’s how I did it.

Start by building the main cock pit as you would the bomber version, picking which ever head you want (you could magnetise them too, but I think that would be a step too far!). Now you’ll need to build it with the copter “fin” style side wings rather than the bomber “fans” (which look like drills to me and you). The reason for this is because a key part of the copter version shares one of the “fan” pieces. Before you glue the armour plating in place drill a hole on the square lip at the bottom of the coptor and glue in place a magnet (mine are 3mmx2mm and remember to check the polarity) – this will be for the weapons:

Dwarf Gyro Copter Weapon Magnet

You should end up with this after:

Dwarf Gyrocopter Cock Pit

Next build the back parts and you’ll have to make a decision on whether you want the bomber back part to have the only small fan blades or the copter back – I chose the bomber (you could build one out of green stuff, but it’s hardly noticeable so it doesn’t matter which version you stick it in). In addition, there’s some weird cog part (the dirty gold part in the picture near the fan) that sticks onto the side of the back pieces, again decide which one you want to put it on.

Dwarf Gyrocopter Back

The back parts click into place on the back of the cock pit, so you don’t necessarily need to magnetise them and they’re easy to remove and swap – I’ve left them with out magnets for the time being.

Next build all the weapons. Once they’re finished you’ll need to do drill a hole at a right angle to the actually gun part to house the magnet. Make sure the magnet points upwards at a right angle so they connect with the other magnet on your cock pit and check you get the right polarity before¬†you glue it in place:

Dwarf Gyrocopter Weapon Magnet

And you’re done! You now have the option to field a Gyrocopter or a Gyrobomber depending on your list. The only thing you really miss out on is have the double propeller blades on the Gyrocopter – personally I think it looks better with just one, but that’s just me.

Magnetised Gyrocopter SteamgunMagnestised Gyropcopter Brimstone GunMagnetised Gyrobomber

Any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll try help!

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