New Black Templar Rules – What can players expect from the latest SM Codex?

Black Templar Crusader Squad

I’ve always been very fond of my Black Templars, which is more than likely born of my love of medieval and fantasy which has been with me since I was old enough to swing a wooden sword about! These guys are the 41st millennium’s answer to the Knights Templar (without the somewhat dubious history…), on a never ending crusade to rid the galaxy of aliens and heretics alike in tabards bearing the Emperor’s cross. Epic!

After hearing rumours of a new Space Marine Codex and that instead of their own separate refresh, Black Templars were being included in that, I was somewhat worried! However after listening to 40k Radio’s recent pod cast, in my opinion it looks like Black Templars are becoming a bit more versatile whilst still retaining what sets them apart from other Space Marines. Plus, like them or hate them, I can’t wait to add some bad ass Centurions to my Black Templar army!

Anyways, here’s a summary of what to expect from the new Black Templar rules:

All Space Marine chapters now have access to their own combat doctrines, with Black Templars having the following rules that are always active:

– Accept Any Challenges, No Matter the Odds: When engaged in a challenge, Black Templar Characters reroll all failed to-hit rolls and have the Rending Special Rule.

– Crusaders: Black Templars have the Crusader and Adamantium Will Special Rules. In addition Black Templars have access to a special unit called a Crusader Squad.

Overall Templars have lost the following:

– All the Vows

– Marshalls and Castellans

– Terminator Command Squads

– Master of Sanctity/Reclessiarch

– Sword Brethren units

– 2 heavy weapons in a 5 man Terminator Squad 🙁

– Special rule upgrades (Tank Hunter , Furious Charge etc.)

– Storm Shields on Assault Squads

– Additional power weapons in a bike squad

– Fearless rule in close combat

– Righteous Zeal

– Heavy weapons are an additional 5 points

– Power of the Machine Spirt upgrade


But they’ve gained so much more:

– Chapter Master and Captains

– Honor Guard

– Normal Chaplains

– Master of the Forge

– Tactical Squads

– Scout Squads

– Land Speeder Storm

– Vanguard Veterans

– Sternguard Veterans

– Ironclad Dreadnoughts

– Centurions

– Scout Bikes

– Devastator squads

– Whirlwinds

– Hunter

– Stalker

– Land Raider Redeemer

– Thunderfire Cannon

– Crusader Squad keeps Land Raider Crusader as a Dedicated Transport

– Initiates are now 5 points cheaper and gain Ffrag and Kkrak grenade

– Sword Brother option in Crusader Squad

– One Initiate can still take a Power Weapon/Fist

– Neophyte leadership increased to Ld 8

– Neophyte Shotguns S4

– Crusader Squads can still take pistols and chainswords

– Crusader Squads can still be made up of Initiates and Neophytes



– He’s 5 points more

– He gains +1 WS

– Rites of Battle have been removed

– Crusade of Wrath: Once per game, during the Assault Phase, all models with the Black Templar Chapter Tactics gain Hatred and Fleet until the end of the phase.

– Sword of the High Marshalls stays the same i.e. +D3 attacks on the charge

There you have it! I really think Black Templars have done well out of the new codex – what does everybody else think?


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