How to Paint Miniature Dwarf Steel Armour

Dwarf Steel Painting Group

It’s taken me a few tries to get this Dwarf steel armour look exactly how I wanted it, which is a grubby steel (from fighting in mines etc.), but not dull. I’m now tempted to go back and repaint 40 Dwarf warriors using it, but that’s for another day!

In summary, after a black basecoat, the steps are (I used the old GW paints, but added the new counterparts for reference):

1. Heavy drybrush of Boltgun Metal (Leadbelcher)
2. Heavy Badab Black (Nuln Oil) wash
3. Light drybrush of Chainmail (Ironbreaker)
4. Edge highlight of Mithril Silver (Runefang Steel)

As most of it is drybrushing it doesn’t take too long to do a sizable unit and whilst the edge highlights take practice, patience and a steady hand, this step can be skipped for the more beginner painter and still get a cool looking steel effect.

Onto the more detailed step by step guide with pictures.

Step 1

Apply a heavy drybrush of Boltgun Metal. I used to start by coating the metallic steel parts with Boltgun, but I found that you lost a layer of depth on the final look – by drybrushing, you keep some of the black which gives you more shadow depth.

Dwarf Steel Painting Step 1

Step 2

Apply a heavy Badab Black wash. thi is to primarily take the Boltgun Metal back a shade so you get a nicer transition of metallics as the Chainmail is only slightly shinier than Boltgun Metal.

Dwarf Steel Painting Step 2

Step 3

Apply a light drybrush of Chainmail. This step pulls out the highlights of the metal and gives the affect of blending the metallics from shadow through to shine. I emphasise that this is a light drybrush, don’t go nuts with it – your goal is to pick out highlights and create a gradient of metallics; too much and it won’t look as good

Dwarf Steel Painting Step 3

Step 4

Apply Mithril Silver to the extreme edges of the model. This can be time consuming and you need a steady hand, but once you get into the flow of things it’s fairly simple and really makes the final model look awesome! If you’re finding it hard you can skip this step, but I’d recommend having the patience and doing it for a far better finish.

Dwarf Steel Painting Step 4

Dwarf Steel Painting Final 2

And a whole unit looks like this when all the steel parts are done:

Dwarf Steel Painting Group

Dwarf Steel Painting Group Close

That’s all! I hope you find it useful!

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