How to Paint Gold Metallics on Miniatures

Dwarf Longbeards Close

So I’ve been painting a lot of gold recently, particularly on my Longbeards (those bloody shields!). I’ve always struggled with it owed to the Games Workshop metallic paints being a tad watery making using them a but frustrating. After a bit of trial and error I’ve found a technique that gives me the metallic gold effect I like and isn’t too hard to do.

In summary, after a black base coat, the steps are as follows ( I use the old GW paints but I’ve put the new ones for reference):

Step 1. Layer a coat of Beastial Brown (Mournfang Brown)

Step 2. Rough coat of Dwarf Bronze (Hashut Copper)

Step 3. Heavy coat of Devlan Mud (Agrax Earthshade)

Step 4. Layer or two Shining Gold (Gehenna’s Gold) on the prominent areas

Step 5. Mithril Silver (Runefang Steel) highlight to any edges that catch light


In more detail with pictures:

Step 1. The Beastial Brown (Mournfang Brown) layer gives the later metallic layer something to “stick” to and a shadow to the recesses of the area you’re painting:

paint gold step 1



Step 2. A coat of Dwarf Bronze (Hashut Copper) adds a metallic shine to the previous Beastial Brown layer giving the finished product more depth:

paint gold step 2


Step 3. The Devlan Mud (Agrax Eathshade) wash scales back the two previous layers and accentuates the details of the model and allows the next layer to stand out further:

paint gold step 3


Step 4. This is the step that makes the final look, it also takes the longest – the more careful and patient you are with picking out the details on the area you’re painting and applying a layer if Shini g Gold (Gehenna’s Gold), the better. Take your time with this step!

paint gold step 5


Step 5. A final highlight of Mithril Silver (Runefang Steel) on the edges of the Burnished Gold layer. As with the previous step, take your time; you only want to catch the extreme edges:

paint gold step 5


Here’s what the final technique can look like on the Dwarf Longbeard models:

Dwarf Longbeards


Dwarf Longbeards Close


I hope you find this guide useful – be sure to share with us any tips you may have!

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  1. Hey Liam,

    This guide rocks! You’re longbeards are sexy 😀 Love it thanks heaps man. Any chance we you can fill us in on that dark rustic silver of yours? Cheers mate!

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