How to Paint Metallic Weapons Quickly & Easily

Black Templar with relic blade

Looking for a quick and easy way to paint metallic weapons? It’s actually pretty simple to get a decent looking blade without too much effort and you don’t need to be a professional painter.

I’m currently working on my Space Marines again and thought I’d share how I paint metallic power weapons, specifically swords. I use Games Workshop paints, but you can easily swap them out for whichever you’re using and here’s the old paint names┬áif like me you bought your paints some time ago. I always use a wet palette and, whilst you won’t be doing any paint blending for which it is ideal, I find it handy to use nonetheless as it keeps your paints fresh.

Start with a black base coat, either using a spray or slightly thinned mix. Then apply a layer of Leadbelcher.

Power sword with layer of Leadbelcher


Once fully dry, mix a 4:1 mix of Leadbelcher with black and apply a layer to the half of the sword that is opposite to the direction of the light source. In the picture I wanted the light source to come from above.

Power sword with ledbelcher and black mix


Mix a 2:1 mix of Leadbelcher with Runefang Steel and apply a layer to the side of the weapon that hits the direction of the light.

Power sword with leadbelcher and runefang silver mix


Now apply some watered down Runefang Steel to the top of that same side and finish the blade off with an edge highlight of Runefang Steel.

Power sword with edge highlight


And that’s it, pretty easy and quick to do and looks cool.

Relic blade paintedBlack Templar with relic blade

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