How to Paint Triangular Pyramid Gems

Dwarf Lord Conversion Gems

I hate painting gems at the best of times, but those annoying pyramid triangular gems that so often appear on my Dwarf and Elf models annoy me the most. Fortunately I’ve always managed to scrape by whenever they appeared on the particular model I was painting (generally by either ignoring it altogether or by crudely applying regular round gem painting techniques. Unfortunately, a lot of the newer Dwarf models that I have been working on recently all have pyramid gems that are very prominent on the model so I have been forced to learn how to do them properly! Annoyingly, after much searching I am yet to find a guide on the exact type of gem I want to paint so decided to learn it and share it for others in the same predicament!

Essentially, the effect we’re trying to achieve is this – with the arrow being the light direction (excuse the crappy drawing):

pyramid gem painting diagram

Step 1
After base coating the gem in a darker shade of whatever colour you require (blue in my case below), apply a slightly lighter shade of the colour to the side facing away from the light source (which is coming from the right in my case below):

Pyramid Gems Step 1

Step 2
Use a slightly lighter shade still on the gem facing the light source (top right in the case below):

Pyramid Gems Step 2

Step 3
Now the annoying, tricky bit! You need to apply an extreme highlight to the edges of the gem (I used Space Wolf Grey in this case):

Pyramid Gems Step 3

Step 4
Using Skull White, add dots to the points of the gem; the corners of the square and the top of the pyramid:

Pyramid Gems Step 4

Step 5
Add a coat of gloss, which I’ve discovered is difficult to show in a picture, but here’s one anyways (you’ll have to take my word for it that there’s gloss 🙂 ):

Pyramid Gems Step 5

Once it’s all done it should give you some awesome looking pyramid gems:

Dwarf Lord Conversion Gems

Tell me wot ya fink, git?